You Can Feel & Live Better

We all have a deep inner calling. 

It's a deeply felt sense of what is right and wrong for us.

I call this our soul's voice.

When we ignore that voice, we feel tremendous pain. But, facing into that voice can feel too dangerous to contemplate.

Reconnect to Your Soul's Voice: The Workbook will help you safely face into that gap, so you can live with less fear, exhaustion and immobility, and  more power, joy, freedom and love.


This is Transformative Work

Understand what drives you every day, why it's making you unhappy, and what to do about it

About the Author Madeleine Shaw is the founder of From Soul Crushed to Spirited. She is a former corporate lawyer in top tier firms in Australia and the USA, as well as a major global corporation. For over a decade she has worked as an executive coach and facilitator, helping people in big jobs to thrive. Madeleine founded From Soul Crushed to Spirited in 2018 to focus on working with people globally as they profoundly transform their relationship with life by reconnecting with their deepest values.

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Madeleine has carefully designed this process based on her in-person work with thousands of clients over more than 10 years. It forms the basis of her core mission in life: to help people live out to their potential, in lives of joy and meaning.


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