From Soul Crushed to Spirited

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Ticking the success boxes but still not happy?

I help stressed-out professionals to regain power, time, space and fulfilment by reconnecting to their soul's voice.
Your soul's voice is the deepest, wisest part of you - the part that guides your "true north", that knows what is right for you and what is wrong.
Constant rushing, overwhelm, feeling torn in a million different directions, fighting the email deluge, traffic, meetings, office politics, becoming snappy, exhausted, short-tempered... and underneath it all, a deep and profound feeling that life is missing the mark somehow...
That the faster you run to meet all the daily demands, the further away you're getting from the things that, deep down, you know are right for you. You're not living your life the way you want to live it, and you're not being the person you know you want to be.
I see this pattern over and over again. Smart, successful professionals who are proud of their career success, proud of raising a family, but who still feel completely trapped.
This is the pain and overload that is the result of disconnection from your soul's voice.
It doesn't need to be that way. You can replace overwhelm, hurry and disconnection with focus, calm, spaciousness and perspective. You can most certainly feel on top of your game and be present for your life.
If you'd like to understand the root cause of this pattern and how to address it, click the button to access a powerful FREE insights video.

A Call to Leaders

Tired of sacrificing soul for profit?

My name is Madeleine Shaw. My work today is the distillation of my work with thousands of professional men and women over the past decade - as well as on myself.

I used to be a stressed out corporate lawyer and felt like my head would explode wth the endless pressure. Work, family, traffic, email, difficult clients and co-workers, you name it - I felt it. The constant struggle to stay afloat.

Now, I'm actually achieving more of what's important to me while enjoying my life and spending MUCH less time ticking other people's boxes. And I'm on a mission to help you do the same.

"The program has been incredibly helpful. It has truly helped me lift a weight off my shoulders, so thank you."

Alison P

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"Just had to share a breakthrough you orchestrated, the visualisation stuff you did with me was AMAZING. I was cognitively quite skeptical at first however just approached a very difficult conversation with a level of lightheartedness, and OMG the difference was amazing! It has really helped me replace anger with humour and empathy and we had a brilliantly constructive conversation - better than in years where I could really say what I wanted to say whilst also acknowledging his alternative viewpoint but in a calm and rational way, not overplaying or overthinking things. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Truly amazing work you are doing xxx"

Louise A

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